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I grew up in Cameron Park, CA. The motto for Cameron Park is "A Special Place to Live". It truly is special to me not only as a place to live but also because I grew up here with my loving family. Music was a huge part of my childhood. I remember singing and dancing around in my living room to many Disney songs and popular music of the day.


I have one older sister, Clara Regula, whom I love with all my heart. She is the reason I got into theatre. As the younger sister, I watched her dance in class when I was still too young to take classes. Instead, I would dance the moves in the lobby. When she had voice lessons, I would sing along with her, much to her dismay. My passion for singing and dancing grew out of these early childhood memories.

Helen Regula
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Helen Regula

I come from a Polish background, since my mother's family originates from Poland. My mother herself actually immigrated from Poland when she was four years old. My sister and I were taught our Polish heritage through Polish Folk Songs. For much of my childhood, my sister and I would travel around and sing these songs. Often people would try to speak to us in Polish, not realizing that we could sing in Polish but not speak the language. I still remember the songs, and sing them with my grandpa when I visit him.


I have now been performing in theatre arts since I was a freshman in high school. I graduated from Texas State University with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I am very excited for what the future brings and please enjoy the rest of my website!